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The Equiti Advantage

Unlike the majority of financial advisory firms, Equiti is not owned, controlled or employed by any financial or institutional company, so our financial advisers are able to provide advice and recommendations that is personalised towards our clients needs.

Equiti clients are free to prosper.

The best financial advisers do not only understand various investments and the intricacies of investment vehicles, but understand something that is every bit as valuable: they understand how challenging it can be for people to think ahead and to accept the risks associated with making a decision about their money.

Investors gain great value from a financial adviser who is considerate, professional and ethical.

After all, when it’s your financial future on the line, there is no substitute for professional advice that is logical, supportive and objective. It is for this reason that an Equiti financial adviser, guided by the Equiti Investment Philosophy and supported by the Equiti Advisory Committee, has the freedom to make the decisions that are in the best interest of individual clients.

Here’s the advantage of Equiti Private Wealth:

    • Successful relationships are built upon on a mutual respect between client and adviser. Equiti has created an environment where our corporate culture is directed towards enhancing that respect and upon the promotion of long-term, trusting relationships.
    • Pre-packaged and generic wealth management solutions do not necessarily serve every investor’s needs. In today’s dynamic economic environment, an Equiti adviser is committed to reviewing each client’s goals and dreams and then providing tailored wealth management solutions in the pursuit of those goals and dreams.
    • A fundamental benefit of the Equiti team based approach to wealth management is that your Equiti adviser will be your primary point of contact so you don’t have to liaise with several experts who must each understand your unique objectives. This holistic approach to private wealth management gives you complete access to a team of experts cost efficiently.
    • Since a clients’ best interest can easily be overlooked if advisers are paid more to sell certain investment products, Equiti adviser fees are paid for by our clients and not by the investment product providers. This arrangement gives an Equiti adviser the complete freedom to offer the advice and recommendations that are most appropriate to their individual clients and assures the client receives the solutions that serve them best.
    • We are just as committed to helping you generate an immediate income stream from your investments as we are to building wealth for your future. It is this philosophy that enables our clients to Enjoy Today … Secure Tomorrow.