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Structured Products

A structured product is generally a pre-packaged investment strategy which is based on derivatives, such as a basket of shares or securities, options, indices, commodities, debt issuances and/or foreign currencies.

The variety of products just described is demonstrative of the fact that there is no single, uniform definition of a structured product.

As such, Structured Products are investment instruments that have been created to meet specific needs that cannot be met by standardised financial products in the market. They can be used as an alternative to a direct investment, as part of the asset allocation process to reduce risk exposure of a portfolio, or to utilize the current market trend.

They aim to provide investors with:

• portfolio diversification;

• capital protection at maturity; and

• the potential for enhanced returns.

By combining underlying investments like shares, bonds, indices or commodities with derivatives, a structured product can provide a variety of innovative equity based financial solutions and products for both retail and wholesale investors.

Your Equiti adviser can introduce you to a diversified range of structured investment products as they may specifically relate to the attainment of your goals and dreams.