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 Traditionally, investment firms’ wealthiest clients have demanded highly personalised services from their money managers. They’ve insisted on being able to access a team of experts to design, implement and review their tailored financial and investment strategies.

Up until now, private wealth management has largely been inaccessible to the majority of Australians. At Equiti, we believe all Australians should be able to access the benefits of private wealth management.

Financial Advisory

A continuous and long-term approach to financial planning and wealth management is absolutely essential for all Australians. Equiti’s advisers take a highly developed systematic approach for our financial advisory services. Equiti’s five step process – understand, design, educate, implement and review – promotes an environment whereby decisions are made collaboratively through communication, interaction and teamwork.

Equiti advisers work closely with their client throughout the process to develop a complete understanding of a client’s personal objectives, needs and financial situation. With the support of the Equiti Advisory Committee, advisers prepare a tailored wealth management plan suitable to each client’s specific needs.

Investment Management

Equiti Capital Limited and Equiti Funds Management are specialist property investment managers that aim to achieve superior income and growth returns for investors through the identification, acquisition, management and development of real property assets.

As an integrated investment and management company, Equiti Capital offers a dual perspective on property asset management. As investors, Equiti understands the importance of property performance and return on investment. As managers, we understand that our investors’ success is fundamental to our success.

The property expertise of our funds management team has produced innovative property investment opportunities: visit for more information.

Self-Managed Super Fund

When you combine an efficient and technologically advanced SMSF administration service with a quality investment advisory service, you are better able to take full advantage of the many benefits that a SMSF may offer. Equiti’s comprehensive SMSF package includes everything you need to properly establish and administer your SMSF and our SMSF service can be tailored to suit your individual needs..

As an Equiti SMSF client, we can handle all your fund’s paperwork; complete your fund’s accounts, tax return and annual audit; your fund’s vital information is available to you at all times and our expert team ensures your fund is fully compliant. You also have access to Equiti’s financial and investment advisory service to help you make those vital investment decisions.

Property and Real Estate

Equiti Property is a licensed corporate real estate agency specialising in the acquisition, ownership, management and sale of real estate assets with the goal of making a profit or a capital gain for its clients.

The Equiti Property division was established to meet the growing demand for professional guidance when making important direct property investment decisions. We have helped many Australian’s make educated and informed decisions about their direct property investments.

As licensed real estate agents, an Equiti Property consultant is able to provide a wide range of direct investment property services to Equiti clients including the researching and reporting of property markets throughout New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. We can also help our clients analyse and select sound investment properties through applying Equiti’s unique Property Selection Criteria.

Finance and Mortgage Management

Equiti Finance specialises in mortgage reduction and debt management services and offers clients the choice of mortgage management via our own wholesale funding program or via funds sourced from other financial and banking institutions.

Whether you are buying your first home, refinancing an existing mortgage, consolidating debt or looking for a loan for an investment property, a dedicated Equiti finance consultant can provide a short list of loans that are both competitive and suitable to your personal circumstances and guide you through each stage of the application and settlement process.

Legal Advice

With Equiti Legal, we can ensure that our advice that goes beyond just your financial needs

Designed to serve the needs of Equiti client’s, Equiti Legal takes a highly developed and systematic approach to its legal, estate planning and conveyancing services. This structured approach ensures that an Equiti legal adviser works closely with their client through each step of the process.

It also ensures that the legal adviser takes the time to understand the specific demands that each client faces and allows us to develop a tailored solution most suitable to each client’s specific needs.

Institutional Client Services

Whether you are an institutional investor, a corporate executive, a successful business or a national charitable organisation, our most experienced and successful Equiti advisers are committed to assisting with your individual wealth management needs.

The combination of our leading financial advisers coupled with the extensive experience and talent of the entire Equiti Advisory Committee, ensures that our institutional team has been set up to offer the most comprehensive financial services to institutional and corporate style investors.

Distressed Asset Solutions

Residential and commercial property assets are usually considered ‘distressed’ when their value is severely depressed for a reason particular to the owner rather than because of general market conditions. The most common situation is a commercial and/or development loan on which the developer has defaulted on their scheduled repayments of interest and/or principal.

Equiti’s Distressed Assets division provides a complete solution to owners, developers, mortgagee’s and financial institutions facing the problem of incomplete, undervalued and special assets. Successfully completing, repositioning and marketing of such assets requires specific skills and an amalgamation of a diversified range of resources.

If you would like to learn more about any of these services, please contact Equiti on 1300 990 990.