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If you’d like to learn more about investing in  residential property and the opportunities that are currently available in the real estate market, we invite you to attend this informative seminar event.

Could this be the ‘greatest real estate buying opportunity of the last 30 years’ : the combination of some of the lowest interest rates in the past 72 years, high rental yields and a property market on the rise may well mean it’s time to consider adding to or starting your property investment portfolio.

But as exciting and potentially rewarding as this combination of economic events may be, investing in residential real estate comes with its own set or risks, challenges and a multitude of legal, financing and taxation implications that need to be considered.

At this 90 minute seminar event, we will address all these important issues and present, what we believe, is possibly one of the smartest ways for Australians to invest in residential property.

At this seminar event you will enjoy a clear and frank discussion about:

        • What some of Australia’s best investors are telling their clients about wealth creation in 2013 and how you may do the same;
        • How to structure yourself to pay less tax and how to use these tax savings alone to fund a significant portion of your investment;
        • Why it’s important for all Australian’s to start taking control of their own financial futures;
        • How to take advantage of government’s incentives designed to help you pay less tax and build your wealth;
        • You’ll begin to understand the real cost of owning an investment property and what to look for to minimise your out-of-pocket expense;
        • How our 5 Fundamental Achievements approach to wealth management can provide solutions for your entire life, not just your money!

To register your interest in attending this event either call 1300 990 990 or simply select the venue closest to you below and register online.