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Property Law

Equiti Legal is in tune with people and property

Time and time again, clients across Australia ask us for our expert legal advice on a diversified range of real property transactions.

They call on Equiti Legal because they feel that we understand the relationship that exists between people and property. We believe that only by investing time to understand individual client motivations first, are we then able to provide the most appropriate legal solution.

The best property lawyers do not only understand the various intricacies of real estate transactions, but understand something that is every bit as valuable: they understand how challenging it can be for people to think ahead and to accept the risks associated with making a decision about their money.

At Equiti Legal, our mission is connecting people with property.

Property investors gain great value from a property lawyer who is considerate, professional and ethical. After all, when it’s your financial future on the line, there is no substitute for professional advice that is logical, supportive and objective.

It is for this reason that Equiti Legal has the freedom to make the decisions that are in the best interest of individual clients.

An Australian legal firm that’s focused on Property

Clients need lawyers with the expertise and practical approach to meet the demands of this modern real estate world. And that is why Equiti Legal view the world through a single lens that’s completely focused on real property transactions.

For our clients this means they benefit from lawyers that are fully focused on their sector, wholly understanding of the challenges that they face and completely tuned in to their needs. As specialised property lawyers, we thrive on innovation, but continue to pride ourselves on delivering this expertise with a personal touch.

As specialised property lawyers, we act for:

    • buyers & sellers;
    • investors & developers;
    • landlords & tenants;
    • lenders & borrowers.

This diversity of client gives us the knowledge, experience and understanding to deal with all types of property transactions: no matter how large or small or how complex or simple.

And with offices located in the financial centres of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, we are perfectly positioned to assist clients with cross-border advice, structuring and conveyancing.

We look forward to welcoming you to our firm as a valued client.