Bringing Private Wealth Management to All Australians
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Private Wealth

Private Wealth Management is a term that has been used to describe a highly customised and sophisticated financial advisory service delivered to high net worth individuals. Traditionally, the wealthiest clients of investment firms have always demanded a greater level of personal service from their money managers as well as having the ability to access an entire team of experts to design, implement and review their tailored financial and investment strategies. Up until now, private wealth management has largely been inaccessible to the majority of Australians.

At Equiti, we believe that all Australians seeking
financial security should be able to access the
benefits of private wealth management.

With a philosophy centered on client relationships, an Equiti adviser helps you to make educated and informed decisions about your money and assists you to develop a strategic approach to managing and growing it. And thanks to a highly developed team based approach to private wealth management, an Equiti adviser is able to cost-efficiently provide clients with access to the skill, knowledge and expertise of a highly respected financial advisory firm along with all its resources.

Bringing private wealth management to all Australians.