Bringing Private Wealth Management to All Australians
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Unlike the majority of financial advisory firms, Equiti is not owned, controlled or employed by any financial or institutional company, so our financial advisers are able to provide advice and recommendations that is tailored towards each client’s specific needs.

Equiti clients are free to prosper.

When Equiti first began providing private wealth management services to everyday Australians, it did not want to follow the path of simply ‘selling’ investments. Instead, the firm stressed the importance of understanding the needs and concerns of individual clients and on designing tailored wealth management solutions that would help a client achieve their goals and dreams.

With a philosophy centred on client relationships, an Equiti financial adviser helps you to make educated and informed decisions about your money and assists you to develop a strategic approach to managing and growing it.

That’s why our structured wealth management solutions are designed to determine the highest and best use of your financial resources so that a tailored financial plan may be created specifically for you.

Today, Equiti advisers continue to embrace this philosophy.

The advantage of our holistic approach to wealth management is that areas of advice often overlap and can therefore be dealt with in a more integrated way. It also enables your adviser to discover opportunities, investments and strategies that will best work together and to focus on those fundamental achievements most important to you.

Equiti Group Pty Ltd is the ultimate holding company for our boutique financial services group.

Equiti Private Wealth

Private Wealth Management is a term that has been used to describe a highly customised and sophisticated financial advisory service delivered to high net worth individuals.

Traditionally, the wealthiest clients of investment firms have always demanded a greater level of personal service from their money managers as well as having the ability to access an entire team of experts to design, implement and review their tailored financial and investment strategies.

Up until now, private wealth management has largely been inaccessible to the majority of Australians.

At Equiti, we believe that all Australians seeking

financial security should be able to access the

benefits of private wealth management.

With a philosophy centered on client relationships, an Equiti adviser helps you to make educated and informed decisions about your money and assists you to develop a strategic approach to managing and growing it.

And thanks to a highly developed team based approach to private wealth management, an Equiti adviser is able to cost-efficiently provide clients with access to the skill, knowledge and expertise of a highly respected financial advisory firm along with all its resources.

Bringing private wealth management to all Australians.

Equiti Financial Services Pty Ltd

Equiti Financial Services Pty Ltd is a holder of Australian Financial Services Licence Number 328681 issued by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.

As a licensed provider of financial services, Equiti can offer its clients a wide range of comprehensive financial planning, wealth management and advisory products and services to both individual and corporate investors alike.

With such a complete financial advisory service, having an Equiti adviser as your personal partner gives you an unfair advantage … every step of the way.

Equiti Capital Limited

Equiti Capital Limited is a Responsible Entity of managed funds and holds Australian Financial Services Licence No. 391452.

As a specialist property funds management company, our aim is to deliver to investors value and performance, by focusing on the fundamentals of investment management.

As a responsible entity, we are required by the Corporations Act and by the Fund’s constitution to act in the best interests of Investors. We are committed to the highest standards of integrity, transparency and diligence.

Our management team, and that of our investment manager, Equiti Funds Management, represent a wealth of financial markets and real property knowledge and experience.

Equiti Capital Limited meets (and will ensure it continues to meet) ASIC’s financial and organisational requirements to hold a financial services licence and to operate the Fund.

Equiti Funds Management Pty Ltd

Equiti Funds Management Pty Ltd is an Investment Manager and its role is to act as investment manager for the Equiti managed funds.

The Investment Manager is to be appointed under a management agreement and its role is to, on a day-to-day basis, oversee the management of both the Fund and the multifamily assets.

The services provided by the Investment Manager include overseeing the selection and due-diligence in relation to potential purchases; selection and due diligence in relation to property; the day-to-day overview of the assets; preparing and keeping accounting and other records for the funds, preparing reports to Investors and over seeing the performance of the Custodian.

The Investment Manager is staffed with highly experienced and qualified individuals focused on ensuring our values of integrity, transparency and diligence.

Equiti Property Pty Ltd

Equiti Property provides Australian’s with an astute residential property investment service.
As licensed real estate agents in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, an Equiti Property consultant is able to provide a wide range of direct investment property services to Equiti clients. It’s a service that encompasses every facet of the property investment process

  •    a comprehensive research and reporting system into key Australian property markets;
  • an extensive range of quality residential investment properties across the entire Eastern-Australian seaboard;
  • a professional property management service

The Equiti Property division was established because of the growing demand for professional guidance when making important direct property investment decisions and has assisted many Australian’s make more educated and informed decisions about their direct property investments.
Equiti Property Pty Ltd holds the following corporate real estate licenses: New South Wales (No. 1459345), Victoria (No. 069712L) and Queensland (NO. 3070114)

Equiti Finance Pty Ltd

As accredited Mortgage Managers and the provider of the Equiti range of financing products, Equiti Finance is responsible for managing every aspect of your financing facility for the entire life of your loan.

All Equiti mortgage managers are also accredited finance brokers and have access to the wide range of financial products available within the Australian mortgage and finance markets.

So whether you’re an investor looking for a suitable financing solution or a home owner looking to refinance, an accredited Equiti Finance mortgage manager can tailor a financing solution that best suits your requirements.

Equiti Legal Pty Ltd

Equiti Legal puts people at the heart of the way we work
Understanding exactly what each of our clients uniquely needs and wants lies at the heart of our approach to legal advisory services.

Since Equiti Legal adopt a best practice approach to law, we strictly adhere to a highly developed and systematic approach to our legal, estate planning and conveyancing services.

This structured approach ensures that a we work closely with their client through each step of the process. It ensures that the legal adviser develops a complete understanding of a client’s personal objectives and motivations. And it ensures that the legal adviser prepares a tailored solution most suitable to each client’s specific needs.

Successful relationships are built upon on a mutual respect between client and adviser. Equiti has created an environment where our corporate culture is directed towards enhancing that respect and upon the promotion of long-term, trusting relationships