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Our Clients

“Before seeking the advice of Equiti Private Wealth, my wife and I, like so many others with institutional Superannuation schemes, sat back and watched our retirement fund being gauged by fees and negative returns. Equiti helped us become the masters of our own destiny with regards to our retirement. Initially through rolling our Super into Equiti managed funds that showed a great improvement in return to our former funds, and then helping us set up our own SMSF. Our current fund value has increased substantially with the investments we have made in property both local and abroad, and we couldn’t be happier. We are now on track to reach our retirement goals with some further targeted investments to come.

The ongoing assistance and advice has been amazing. We never feel alone or just a number any more. Equiti truly is a trusted advisor and partner in our journey.” – Joe Mansour and Grace Akkari

“I am very pleased at the level of service provided by the team at Equiti and with the complete suite of products offered. With this, I am confident to put forward my friends and relatives to Equiti to benefit just as Karen and I have. Everything our adviser said was going to happen, has happened. This builds our confidence in Equiti. We also received fantastic support from both the administration team and the Equiti Home Loans team.” – Mel & Karen Ferro

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the Equiti Team for your professional advice, diligence and support in helping us plan for our retirement and for our family’s financial security.

From the time I met with an Equiti consultant to meeting with Peter where we discussed long term financial goals, developed a retirement strategy that included wealth creation through an investment in shares and property, we have been impressed.

Your approach is methodical and focused, always willing to answer numerous questions and listening to our concerns. As a result, you managed to come up with a plan that catered to our individual needs and gave us the opportunity to provide for our future.

We have now established a SMSF, purchased a investment property and our investment in shares continues to grow. We have upgraded our life insurance and are now looking forward to completing our Wills (all things that we have wanted to do but never found the time.)

To be honest, we have been approached by a number of financial advisors but am happy to say that the Equiti team was the best. The fact that Equiti was able to provide so many services that all complemented each other was ideal.

We look forward to the continued relationship and seeing our money grow! – Andrew and Liz Chatelier

“We have had advisers in the past who have assisted and/or advised in relation to our investments. Once the transaction was complete, we never heard from them again. Our Equiti adviser and his team, however, are regularly in contact with us. We have the opportunity to review our investments and revise if desired. We feel we have developed an ongoing relationship with the entire team. We would be confident to recommend Equiti to anyone wishing to seek advice from a group with expertise, integrity and excellent customer service. The dinners aren’t bad either!” – Ian & Terri McDonald

We had a few financial planners before but we were dissatisfied with their service. Most other financial planners were poor communicators and/or did not have a diverse portfolio to offer, including access to investment properties.

During our initial meetings, Danny Assabgy listened and understood our risk tolerance. Danny presented to us strategies that we could follow to make sound decisions. Danny has been our financial planner now for over 6 years.

Danny exposed us to SMSF, which was an attractive strategy for us as we had seen our hard-earned superannuation disappearing in management fees. Since starting our own SMSF about 3 years ago our funds have grown at a steady pace, with our investments ranging from properties, shares and managed funds. The result has enabled us not only to make sensible savings for our retirement but also to spend on ourselves in order to keep up our quality of life before retirement. We have been particularly impressed by Danny’s professional service. We would recommend Danny and the Equiti team to anyone. – Sandeep and Pooja Chugh

“Our adviser keeps it simple and explains investments with minimal jargon. He is passionate and fully committed to assisting people achieve great outcomes. When we met with our adviser, my wife and I had different points of view. He was able to create a plan that suited both our different points of views. We highly recommend the team at Equiti and we are quite happy to provide a testimonial to new customers.” – Bruno & Simone Ferro

“We met Greg at Equiti after we have been turned down by another firm because our income was not large enough. Greg had no such problem. He was so friendly and helpful, and took his time to explain the process and provided all the options that we could use to maximise our retirement savings. Greg is more than an adviser; he is a friend and takes great joy in helping his clients.” – Dr Eric and Mercy Sekyere

It was by accident I met Greg Fuzi, in the sense that my daughter, Jacinta, was given a flyer for a meeting with an Equiti client manager in our home. From this meeting until now, which is just short of 12 months in time, I have found both Greg and his team at Equiti very professional and resourceful in their information they have provided us. We particularly liked Greg’s style of making you feel important and knowledgeable, even though we have a limited financial background.

Greg seems to have a natural talent of carefully listening to what the client would like to do and then seeking to fulfil that goal for his client. I have not come across too many Financial experts who are prepared to listen to what the client wants, as they seem to get caught up in their own presentation of information.

Equiti, as a company, have a great team of professionals who strive to exceed their client’s expectations. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Equiti to anyone who needs financial advice. – Venn Purnell

Both my wife and I are ‘baby boomers’ and we knew our Super could be in a better financial situation but were unsure how to go about it. I attended the seminar with a small amount of scepticism but that soon disappeared when the true facts and figures were presented in a very convincing yet respectful manner. To be metaphorical, we could not miss the last train which was about to pull into our financial station.

We arranged our first meeting with an Equiti representative and have not looked back since. We were dealt with in a most professional manner from that point on. Fast forward to today and all I can say is that we now have an investment property that is building our wealth, our Super has been invested into a portfolio of shares which are all heading in the right direction and we feel quite financially secure in the knowledge that the personnel at Equiti have our backs and will look after our finances in a way that can only mean a brighter retirement than we would have placed in had we missed that train!

Sincerely, thank you. – Wayne and Trisha Banfield