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Multiple Property Portfolio

Equiti Property provides Australian’s with an astute residential property investment service. As licensed real estate agents in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, an Equiti Property consultant is able to provide a wide range of direct investment property services to Equiti clients. It’s a service that encompasses every facet of the property investment process.

In order for Equiti to be satisfied that a particular property represents a sound investment for a client, the particular property must meet our 8 Residential Property Selection Criteria.

This is the process by which an accredited Equiti property consultant makes a specific property recommendation.

Here is the 5 Step Process the Equiti has developed to help you achieve your goal of Building Your Multiple Property Porfolio.

1. Personal Assessment
The Personal Assessment is an individual, no obligation appointment designed to introduce you to the concept of creating wealth through residential investment property and to highlight how well selected property can help you minimise your tax and assist in helping you to achieve a comfortable and financially secure retirement. Most importantly, it will help you determine whether property investment is the right investment vehicle for you.
2. Education
With a focus on education, your professionally trained and qualified Property Investment Consultant will offer knowledgeable, trustworthy property advice based on sound residential property investment principles. This means that you’ll be in a better position to make educated and informed decisions and feel more confident about your own property investment strategy.
3. Research
We believe that the key to long-term success in residential property is buying good quality homes in good quality areas. To help you identify potential growth regions, we are committed to research and we provide you with up-to-date information that helps identify important trends such as capital growth, population, vacancy rates, employment and other significant infrastructure developments that may impact future growth.
4. Property Selection
Once you have selected your area, it’s time to find the house and land package that best suits your needs and objectives. This is where Hudson Homes excels. We pride ourselves on understanding the fundamental characteristics that make one property a better investment proposition over another and follow a tested and proven residential investment philosophy.
5. Finance
Finance plays a very important role when buying residential property. Our network of finance professionals across Australia can help you tailor a financial solution that will best suit your needs and your budget whilst also identifying potential mortgage minimisation strategies.

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