Bringing Private Wealth Management to All Australians
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Mission Statement

Our mission is to help people achieve their financial
goals and dreams through effective wealth management.

In the pursuit of our mission, Equiti will at all times:

    • Ensure that the personal needs and objectives of our clients always come first.
    • Provide our service with the highest level of integrity and honesty.
    • Assist our clients in making educated and informed decisions by committing to the education of our clients and allowing them to be involved in their own investment strategy decisions.
    • Communicate our investment philosophy with our clients clearly and openly.
    • Remain committed to a team based approach to wealth management as this is a fundamental key to providing a superior and cost efficient private wealth management service to all Australians seeking financial security.
    • Continue to provide innovative wealth management solutions that will enable us to excel beyond our peers.
    • Excel in the continuing education of our advisers and of the Equiti Advisory Committee as this is absolutely essential in maintaining our investment and wealth management knowledge.
    • Adhere to the absolute commitment of the Equiti Magna Carta so as to ensure the preservation of the rights and the responsibilities of our clients.
    • Support the communities in which we live and work.

We have committed our energy, our intellect and our knowledge to attaining the financial goals and dreams of our clients by providing the highest possible level of service and delivering superior investment alternatives. We understand that the measure of our value is a reflection in our clients’ success in meeting their goals.

We believe that putting the financial well-being of our clients first ultimately serves the best interests of our clients, our advisers and our community.

Bringing private wealth management to all Australians