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Message from the CEO

davidDear Valued Client,

Your interest in what makes us unique here at Equiti tells me that you are serious about your financial future. It also makes me very proud; because at Equiti, we are serious about helping you achieve your financial goals and dreams too.

I have personally experienced what can be achieved from nothing more than a true desire to succeed and I know what each of us is capable of achieving in our very own lives.

Unfortunately though, it is a sad truth that only a small percentage of people actually apply the investment principles that are most likely going to help them achieve their financial goals and dreams.

It saddens me to see people with this desire to create wealth, never even begin on that wonderful journey.

And even more so, it is deeply upsetting to see people who once had that desire, give up so easily and live financially challenged lives.

I do not want YOU to become one of those people!

What truly makes the difference between those that go out and apply the investment principles that’ll make a difference to their lives and those that don’t is simply a commitment. It is:

… their commitment to do what is required,

… their commitment to continue their quest for more information and
knowledge, and

… their commitment to make the decisions that’ll enable them to start
taking control of their financial future.

What makes us unique here at Equiti is that we are just as committed to helping you identify your goals and dreams as we are to tailoring a complete wealth management solution that’ll help you achieve those financial objectives.

I encourage you to read the content on our website in its entirety, as it has been carefully prepared to assisting you make educated and informed decisions; and if you do decide that our wealth management solutions are right for you, I look forward to welcoming you as a valued client.

So, enjoy the journey …

… as it is just the beginning!

Yours truly,


Danny H. Assabgy