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Investment Management

Equiti Capital Limited and Equiti Funds Management are specialist property investment managers that aim to achieve superior income and growth returns for investors through the identification, acquisition, management and development of real property assets.

As an integrated investment and management company, Equiti Capital offers a dual perspective towards property asset management. As investors, we understand the importance of property performance and return on investment. As managers, we recognise the value of our investors and understand that their success is fundamental to our success as a company.

Investor’s interests are always at the forefront of all decision making.

Equiti Capital targets opportunistic and value-added acquisitions where development and management expertise will yield competitive advantages. To ascertain this, Equiti Capital aims to produce superior investment results by focusing on its 3 P’s approach to investment management:

Philosophy: refers to the underlying investment objectives of each individual fund and its investment manager (e.g. to deliver sustainable rental returns with capital growth or to produce development profits);

Process: refers to the way in which this philosophy is being implemented within each individual fund (e.g. what specific property assets to acquire and why);

People: since investment decisions are ultimately made by people, our structured team based approach to funds management promotes an environment of intelligence, experience and innovation.

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