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Financial Planning Overview

It has often been said that planning is the key to financial success.

At various stages of life, we are all faced with important investment and financial decisions. Your ability to make educated and informed decisions at each stage of your life can have a major impact on your income, your net financial worth and, ultimately, on your standard of living.

That is why a continuous and long-term approach to financial planning and wealth management is absolutely essential for all Australians.

We typically find that there are 3 Financial Phases that most people pass through during their life. These are:

1. Wealth Accumulation

This is the phase of acquiring and building financial assets. During this accumulation phase, a person’s financial resources are directed towards paying off their home and towards building their investment portfolio. Effective tax planning will ensure that current and future income is utilised effectively and efficiently.

This is a very important phase as having a solid and diversified financial foundation creates many more options for later on in life.

Typically this financial phase would encompass life stages from Early Adulthood right through to end of the Prime Years and usually begins to slowly wind down during some time in the Pre-Retirement years.

2. Wealth Preservation

Normally as the accumulation phase begins to wind down and the retirement years become more in-sight, the preservation phase begins to emerge. Whilst often still engaging in some level of wealth accumulation activities, the preservation phase has a greater focus on effective risk management strategies and on the preservation of wealth.

The aim here is to preserve and grow financial assets so as to ensure that there is a sufficient income stream and a level of financial security that will meet both current and retirement living expenses.

Whilst risk management strategies are certainly important in every Life Stage, the preservation phase will typically be most active towards the second half of the Pre-Retirement stage and hopefully last right through until the end of Retirement.

3. Wealth Distribution

As its name implies, the distribution stage ensures the proper allocation of assets to family members, loved ones and charities. Whilst this phase does not formally commence implementation until such time as life passes and estates need to be distributed, it is never too soon to begin planning for wealth distribution.

Typically, clients are strongly encouraged from at least the Home and Family Stage to begin careful estate planning so at to provide for the efficient transfer of assets and the minimising of unnecessary tax liabilities.
A licensed financial adviser, utulising a carefully engineered financial planning process, can assist you to identify important issues within each stage of your life as well as having the expertise to thoughtfully design a plan with all your lifestyle and financial circumstances in mind.

Financial planning is an important wealth management process and it can have an incredible impact on you, your family and your entire life.

Every Australian needs a private wealth adviser

In addition to having thousands of investment options from which to choose, today’s financial markets have reached an increasing level of complexity and an escalating level of change.

This creates chaos, confusion and concern.

And since most investors don’t have the time nor the desire to become professional financial analysts, having the right financial partner to act as your trusted advocate cuts through the major barriers that deny most of us the opportunity of ever beginning to realise our financial goals and dreams.

Equiti financial advisers are intimately familiar with the various products, plans and processes that can help you to cut through the clutter and to achieve your goals.

This creates clarity, confidence and certainty.

At Equiti, we believe all Australians seeking financial security deserve the right to have their own private wealth manager so that they too may benefit from:

    • a one-on-one relationship with a qualified investment expert that will help them to identify their specific financial goals;
    • properly reviewing and assessing their financial situation in depth, giving full consideration to their income, assets and liabilities, current portfolio, risk tolerance and their investment time frames;
    • accessing and evaluating investment research reports, changing laws and other economic and financial information that may affect their investment strategies;
    • ensuring the implementation of a disciplined and regimented approach to wealth management and minimising ineffective investor behaviour that will help protect them against short-term market swings;
    • access to an entire team of highly qualified and knowledgeable experts in various financial and legal fields of expertise;
    • computer-generated financial modeling tools that demonstrate how various investment decisions may affect the ability to attain financial goals, as well as assessing how much time may be needed to accumulate the amount of money required for a comfortable retirement;
    • a variety of investment opportunities, alternatives and services to meet their changing needs as well as those of their families;
    • meeting with a qualified and licensed adviser on a regular basis to ensure that their wealth management plans continue to be in line and heading towards the attainment of their goals.

With so much at stake, there’s no better feeling than finding experienced advisers that are supported by a knowledgeable team that you can trust and rely upon for all your private wealth management needs.

We invite you to contact an Equiti adviser on 1300 990 990 to find out more about creating your very own tailored financial plan. Alternatively, you can arrange to have an adviser contact you by requesting an obligation free consultation at a time and place that is most convenient for you.