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Finance and Mortgages

In today’s economic environment, Finance and Mortgages are key ingredients in the implementation of financial strategies and in the attainment of financial goals.

In addition to being finance brokers, Equiti Home Loans are accredited ‘mortgage managers’; this means that we actually ‘manage’ your mortgage throughout the life of your loan as opposed to merely acting as a broker.

This intimate knowledge of your mortgage, coupled with our vast finance experience, enables us to assist our clients with the best possible loan structures that will assist with both debt reduction and wealth creation strategies alike.

Our mortgage management team is dedicated to assisting client’s obtain the necessary education about their loan structure; this complete understanding provides the confidence to make educated and informed decisions.

Since no two people are alike, no two financial arrangements should be alike. An Equiti mortgage manager tailors financial solutions to suit your specific needs and your goals.

Situations vary over your life and the life of the loan. Products are always changing. Therefore we feel that if there is a product that is more suitable for you, your situation should be reviewed accordingly. What may be right for you today, may not suit you in 3 years time.

As mortgage managers; we can maintain a solid relationship with you over the entire life of your loan.

Like any relationship, communication is vital. We ensure that you are kept updated during the entire process of your loan. You can be sure that with our internal support staff, you have the confidence to assist you in your needs.

Of course, all or mortgage managers are Members of:

• The Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia; and

• The Credit Ombudsman Services Limited.

Whether you are looking to buy, invest, refinance or to access the equity in your home; an Equiti mortgage manager makes it easy