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Executive Advisory Service

Dynamic businesses have dynamic goals.

They are serious about achieving their corporate goals and they demand a total commitment from their key executives. In order to achieve those corporate goals, executives must be 100% and completely focused on those benchmarks and this, quite often, will involve working longer hours.

And whilst the executives are out ensuring that the business they control achieves its corporate goals; all too often it is the executive’s personal financial objectives that are placed on hold.

In contrast to their controlled and intelligent decision making abilities, their personal investment decisions are largely driven by emotion or simple tax efficiencies. And unlike their comprehensive business plans, their personal financial plans often lack purpose and structure.

We believe that the best approach for executives is for them to be provided with access to a tailored financial advisory service as a standard option of their employment.

When this service is provided by the company, the executives feel that that the achievement of their personal goals is just as important as the achievement of their corporate goals. Our experience shows that this win-win scenario will:

      • Improve your corporate culture;
      • Increase the retention of your key executives;
      • Reduce the stress levels of your key executive;
      • Result in increased corporate efficiencies;
      • Provide a value-added service to your key staff.

At Equiti, we have been providing business executives with tailored solutions since 1998.

Our corporate advisory roots lie in strategic business consulting for executives. It is our understanding of the complex issues that often surround business executives that enables us to provide a comprehensive and tailored financial strategy solution.

Our Executive Advisory Service: aligning the personal goals of key executives with their corporate achievements.