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Establishing Your SMSF

Your Self Managed Superannuation Fund can quickly, easily and cost-effectively be created by downloading the SMSF Application Form.

Once you have answered a few simple questions, you can mail, fax or email this form directly to the relevant address on the application form and your SMSF documents and Trust Deed will be professionally created, bound and mailed directly to you.

When you receive your SMSF from Equiti, you will receive a comprehensive package that includes everything you need to properly execute and register your SMSF including a Superannuation Fund Instructional Guide. This guide will explain many of the key points that you will need to know to properly operate your SMSF and will explain the various statutory and regulatory requirements of trustees.

The SMSF Trust Deed provided by Equiti has been prepared by a leading firm of solicitors who specialise in the preparation and production of SMSF Trust Deeds and ensures that the governing rules within the Deed do not restrict the fund from entering into a geared investment strategy.

Once you have received your ABN and TFN for your SMSF from the ATO, you will also need to:

      1. establish a separate cheque account for your SMSF (by taking your SMSF Trust Deed to the bank of your choice); and
      2. arrange for the rollover of your existing superannuation funds into your newly created SMSF. You are recommended to seek qualified and professional financial advice on this.

You can arrange a rollover by simply contacting your existing superannuation fund, completing the funds specific rollover forms and arranging for your superannuation money to be deposited into your SMSF cheque account.

Keep in mind that you do not need to close your employer sponsored or industry superannuation fund in order to transfer money into your SMSF.

In some cases, it may be more appropriate to arrange a ‘partial transfer’ of a sufficient amount of superannuation money into your SMSF and maintain any benefit that you have from being a member of your existing fund.

If you are unsure of what may be best for you, consult an Equiti financial adviser prior to making any investment decision.