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7 Investment and Wealth Creation Laws To Live By

If your money could talk, what would it say to you?

Would it say that you don’t enjoy its company very much; or would it ask you how on earth could it do any work for you if you’re holding onto it so tight?

There are many laws and formulae that govern our universe and our economy and there have also been many different and innovative formulae created for the attainment of wealth and financial security … but these are the 7 Investment and Wealth Creation laws to Live By.  ebook-but

8 Property Residential Selection Criteria

Learn the property selection criteria that are designed to isolate areas that support long term price growth, by reviewing the macro economic data available from economic development in each State down to local government areas whose economic fundamentals meet certain criteria.

Equiti’s 8 Property Selection Criteria provides a logical process by which one may select residential property as an investor and is the process by which an Equiti property consultant makes a specific property recommendation.ebook-but


Thinking About Self-Managed Super Fund

Managing your own super is a big responsibility. Super is meant for your retirement, so there are special rules about how it’s managed and when you can get it.

This ATO guide will help you consider the amount of time, money and skill you’ll need to devote to managing your own super fund and whether it’s worth your while and will outline six steps to help you work out if managing your own super is right for you


Setting Up A Self-Managed Super Fund

Whilst self-managed super funds (SMSFs) can be a great way to provide for your retirement, it’s important you are aware of your responsibilities and obligations as a trustee.

And while SMSFs are great for some people, they don’t suit everyone. Managing your own super takes time, knowledge, skill and money. This ATO Guide tells you what you need to know from deciding whether an SMSF is right for you right through to setting up and operating your fund.



Running A Self-Managed Super Fund

Self-managed super funds (SMSFs) are now the largest and fastest growing segment of the super industry.

For trustees of SMSFs, managing your own fund and getting it right is very important. There are many rules and regulations in the various laws that govern super that are designed to protect your retirement income. As a trustee, you need to adhere to the rules and know that you are ultimately responsible for the running of the fund.

The Accountants Guide To Borrowing Through a SMSF

Many people may feel confident investing in real estate but, until relatively recently, unless their superannuation fund could afford the full purchase price of a property, superannuation funds were restricted from borrowing money to make this type of investment.

With the introduction of this legislative change, superannuation funds can now invest in direct property without the need to have accumulated the full purchase price. This technical guide is designed for accountants who would like to advise their clients on the structure of borrowing through their SMSF.  ebook-but