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Corporate Superannuation

Equiti advisers can provide employers with a convenient way to assist their employees provide for their retirement goals.

In addition to assisting employers establish all the processes that are required to fulfill their statutory superannuation obligations, your Equiti adviser focuses on designing a tailored corporate superannuation plan that meets each individual employee’s personal financial objectives.

There are a number of benefits for both the employer and their employees:

      • Employers are able to establish their own corporate account;
      • Employees are able to take advantage of the asset protected and tax efficient superannuation environment;
      • Employers can design flexible superannuation options that best suit their business;
      • Employees can benefit from tailored salary sacrifice arrangements;
      • Employers can become more efficient in satisfying their statutory superannuation requirements via on-line facilities;
      • Employees can arrange for both life insurance and salary continuance via their superannuation funds

Best of all, as part of our aim of bringing Private Wealth Management to all Australians, each employee receives a complimentary financial planning and wealth management consultation with an Equiti adviser.

This appointment, compliments from you to your staff, will demonstrate that you care about helping them meet their personal goals as much as they care about helping you to achieve yours.

Establish a flexible superannuation account to suit your business by contacting and Equiti adviser on 1300 246 600.