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Client Case Studies

Equiti’s mission is to help people achieve their financial goals and dreams through effective wealth management. Here are some real-life case studies into how Equiti brings the benefits of private wealth management to all Australian’s:

Andrew and Liz are aged 45 and 35 with 2 children and were on the typical path of paying off a mortgage amongst all their other family living expenses. They were, like many people who first come to Equiti, quite confused as to how they could build their wealth safely and securely. Whilst they had dabbled with investments in the past, they were not totally satisfied with the results they had achieved and believed that it would be a good idea to seek professional guidance before giving up on the idea of investing for their future for good.

When they first met with their Equiti adviser, the adviser conducted a full review of their personal and financial situation and they both then realised what was really important to them.

Most importantly, their adviser got a sense of their tolerance to risk and designed a strategy that would best help them achieve their personal and financial objectives whilst also ensuring their relatively conservative risk profile was respected.

The first recommendation was to help them reduce their personal debt. This mortgage restructure would enable them to own their home within just 5 years – a great achievement in its own right. Their adviser also recommended that they establish a self managed superannuation fund (SMSF) that would enable them to take more control of where their superannuation funds were invested. In fact, Andrew and Liz were very comfortable with direct property as an investment choice and decided to invest a portion of their superannuation into a residential property that would provide them with significant tax benefits later on in life. This was an asset class they understood and felt very comfortable with and a representative from Equiti Property helped them select a suitable property whilst a representative from Equiti Finance helped them arrange a suitable financing structure.

Furthermore, Andrew and Liz met with a lawyer from Equiti Legal and have now set up their Wills and Power of Attorney to ensure their wishes were fulfilled. Andrew and Liz have taken a big initial step towards securing their financial future and are happy with their financial journey thus far. They are looking forward to their annual review with their Equiti adviser to ensure all investments remain on track and to consider more options.

Brett came to Equiti having already achieved the great Australian dream of home ownership. Brett also had accumulated some investments and now wanted to know what else he could do to make his money work harder.

After talking to his Equiti adviser, Brett added 3 investment properties to his existing portfolio along with a $100,000 direct share portfolio. This combination of investments in good quality property and shares, structured correctly, resulted in Brett saving more than $31,000 a year in tax. The rental returns, dividends and tax rebates he was now receiving from these investments was enough for Brett to fund the vast majority of these additional investments.

Brett knows he can now look forward to a comfortable retirement with quality assets working towards helping him achieve his financial goals.

Brett and Linda are the typical Equiti clients that we enjoy working with. They are aged 52 and 46 and were moving along the same busy path of many Australian’s – going to work, to earn an income, to pay the mortgage, to pay the bills and (hopefully) spend whatever was left. They always felt that there had to be a better way of doing things but were unsure of what they could possibly do differently.

And this is where an Equiti adviser has helped them the most.

They have since met with an Equiti adviser who took the time to show them what they were currently doing and if they continued to do the same thing, they would, most likely, retire on the government pension. Their Equiti adviser changed their way of thinking and, together, they implemented a strategy which has enabled them restructure their mortgage and utilise the savings they made immediately towards building a property investment portfolio.

This not only meant that they would have their mortgage repaid much sooner (and thus freeing up more money in the not too distant future) but they have also invested in a residential property portfolio that offers them long term growth potential and immediate tax savings. They have also established a Self Managed Super Fund and have even utilised a gearing strategy within their newly established SMSF to expand their share portfolio. Some salary sacrifice arrangements also helped them save some more tax and get more of their net disposable income into their SMSF. Wills & PoA’s have also been setup for Brett and Linda through Equiti Legal along with some personal insurance to protect their assets and family.

We look forward to helping Brett and Linda achieve their goal of an early retirement.

Tracy and David, a nurse and a carpenter, were too busy making a living to really take the time to plan for their future. They bought a home for $450,000 and have paid their mortgage down to $150,000. With incomes of $60,000 and $70,000 respectively, they had only accumulated a relatively small amount in super. They, like many Australian’s, were under the impression that you had to pay your mortgage off first before starting to plan for your future.

They believed, also like many Australian’s, that you needed a lot of money behind you before you can start to build your investments. After they had completed the Equiti advisory process, Tracy and David developed a new budget that resulted in a strategy that would enable them to star their investment portfolio today! They started with two brand new investments properties and saved a combined mount of $21,000 a year in tax.

As a result of the diversified portfolio recommended by their Equiti adviser, their superannuation fund grew by around 10% in its first 6 months – a result that they were both delighted with. Tracy and David are on target to save more than $175,000 in tax over the next 10 years, and with a forecast growth rate of just 4%, their adviser has calculated that their portfolio will grow by a respectable $344,000 over that same time period.

Mr B and Mrs R, both employees in the telecommunications industry, were financial disciplined and were making regular repayments towards their mortgage but still felt that there had to be a better (and quicker) way to own their home.

After talking to the team at Equiti, they restructured their debt and readjusted their cash flow. This simple restructure resulted in a total saving of more than $120,000 in interest and took 12 years off the life of their mortgage. Instead of facing a 20 year battle to pay off their home, they were now in a position buy their first residential investment property that would help them to reduce their tax and build their wealth over time.

Rhonda and Malcolm wanted to purchase another investment property and keep building wealth for their retirement, but were not in a position to acquire any more assets due to lack of equity in their home. They had been sitting idle for a few years not knowing what to do.

They realised that they were losing valuable time and their dream of a comfortable retirement was drifting further and further away. Rhonda and Malcolm sat with an Equiti adviser who assessed their concerns and devised a strategy where they could acquire more property (the investment vehicle of their choice) without accessing any of the limited equity they had in their home.

Equiti helped them establish a self managed superannuation fund and showed them how to utilise their superannuation funds towards the purchase of an investment property. Not only were they able to acquire another property and continue to grow their retirement funds, they were able to do so in a tax efficient and protected environment and be able to pay off the mortgage using pre tax money.

John and his wife have a combined annual income of $100,000 per year and like many Australians, John has now realised he hasn’t anything in place to provide him with an income for when he decides to stop working.

He believed it was too late to start building an investment portfolio but, upon a recommendation from his friend, made an appointment to speak with an Equiti adviser.

John and his wife were ideal candidates for a SMSF and decided to use 30% of his accrued super to buy an investment property. By salary sacrificing into the fund, John and his wife will pay the mortgage off this investment property within his superannuation fund in just 7 years using pre tax dollars, giving him a property that he owes outright that will continue to generate tax free income for him in retirement.

John and his wife also want to travel to Europe for a holiday but never thought they could ever afford that (especially with retirement fast approaching). Their Equiti adviser ensured that his could happen by setting up a Transition To Retirement (TTR) strategy which enabled them use their first payment of $20,000 to fund their European holiday.

Their retirement plan was in place and they got to travel to Europe – all because Equiti’s mission of helping clients Enjoy Today and Secure Tomorrow was in place!

Mr and Mrs P were paying down a mortgage and were fortunate enough to have already started their investment strategy before coming to Equiti as they had already acquired an investment property.

Eager to look for other opportunities (and reduce their current tax liability), their Equiti adviser showed them how they could use the equity they had already built in their investments to buy two more properties in growth areas and, in the process, they have saved a combined amount of $26,500 a year in tax.

These savings are now being used to help pay down their mortgage and ensure that their retirement goals will not only be met, but exceeded.

Whilst Allen & Suzanne (both 50 years of age) were earning a strong combined income, they felt as though they were not making their strong combined income work hard enough for them. Like many Australian’s, they were busy with their day to day lives but were also concerned about what to do by way of tax minimisation and retirement planning.

After meeting with an Equiti adviser, they have restructured their existing mortgage enabling them to save many years off the term of their mortgage. This restructure also enabled them to secure 2 investment properties and save around $23,000 in tax in the first year alone.

They have also now taken control of their superannuation assets and ensured their family is protected by implementing adequate life insurance and income protection policies.

At 37 and 36 years of age, Jamie and Leila are younger clients and a delight o work with. Being quite financially savvy, they were well on their way to achieving their first financial goal of paying off their mortgage and owning their own home.

They also understood that the greatest asset they had was TIME and wanted to start their investment strategy as early as possible.

Having never invested before, they were after some guidance and advice and wanted to understand the options available to them. Jamie and Leila were both earning a good income and were frustrated with the amount of tax they were paying. After several meetings with their Equiti adviser, they have since restructured their finances and acquired their first investment property.

Not only did they buy a quality real estate asset, they saved over $11,000 in tax that year and invested a small amount into one of Equiti’s property development funds providing them with a forecast return of 24% that they were very excited about. They have also taken control of their superannuation and put some personal insurance in place to ensure their young family remains protected.

We look forward to helping Jamie and Leila build their investments and their retirement nest egg over the coming 25 years and more.

Wayne and Patricia, almost approaching retirement and working in teaching and retail respectively, were concerned about their current and future financial position and how they were going to achieve their retirement goals.

They still had a mortgage and some superannuation but knew it was not enough for them to really achieve their goal of a comfortable retirement. Wayne and Patricia were confused with whether to focus on paying off their home mortgage faster or begin saving for their retirement as doing both seemed impossible to them.

After meeting with an Equiti adviser and reviewing their complete financial situation, Wayne & Patricia are now taking more control of their superannuation and have taken advantage of a Transition To Retirement (TTR) strategy enabling them to salary sacrifice a significant amount towards their superannuation savings whilst accessing their tax effective pension funds to contribute towards their mortgage (in addition to any excess cash flow they have).

As a result, they have restructured their home mortgage and are taking advantage of some government incentives that they were previously unaware were available to them. With 3 children and a growing asset base, it was also time that they established their Wills.

This strategy will save them around $10,000 in tax in the first year, will see them have their mortgage paid off by retirement and have them well on the way to saving more money for their retirement in the tax effective and protected environment of superannuation.

At the age of 51, Andrew and Tracey had achieved the Aussie dream of paying off their mortgage … but unfortunately had not done much else. With the thought of retirement just down the track and their concern that, other than a small amount in super, they did not have much built up for their retirement nest egg.

Fortunately, they both had a solid level of disposable income and wanted to ensure they were making their money working smarter for them. After meeting with their Equiti adviser, they purchased their first investment property and, over time, were slowly building a direct share portfolio.

This combination saved them approximately $12,000 in tax in the first year alone. By simply rebalancing their existing superannuation funds, they had a better understanding of where their money was actually invested and started seeing returns that were more in line with their expectations.

John works for maritime services and Karen is a nurse – together they had saved well for their retirement.

Unfortunately, all their assets were in their personal name and they didn’t know how to structure their finances to take advantage of asset protection and tax efficiencies. They realised that they would be paying income tax throughout retirement and, after already paying tax throughout their entire working life, this thought made them feel a little disheartened.

When they sat with their Equiti adviser, he explained that as their assets grew and as the economy changed, they would also be susceptible to paying large amounts of income tax as well as large amounts of Capital Gains Tax if they ever sold assets.

Over a 3 year period, the Equiti team restructured their retirement savings and created a much more tax efficient environment.

The Equiti team were able to transfer assets into a more tax efficient environment with minimal transfer costs and resulted in an additional $70,000 a year in after-tax income for them. Needless to say, John and Karen are delighted with the additional income they can now enjoy.

Peter is an engineer earning around $100,000 a year. He is recently single and has worked hard to pay off his mortgage. With retirement 12 years away and with no assets to his name other than his home, Peter had no plans in place for his future and was naturally concerned.

He knew that he wasn’t capitalising on his strong income and wanted to build a solid investment portfolio that would largely be funded from his $30,000 a year tax bill.

With the help of his Equiti adviser, over the past 2 years, Peter built a property portfolio valued at more than $1.5m funded, almost completely, from his tenants and his tax savings!! Peter is planning to build upon this property portfolio and is now planning to add another two more properties to his growing portfolio.

Assuming, Peter does nothing else in the next 12 years (which would be highly unlikely), the strategies designed for him would see him earning more than $75,000 a year in net disposable income for the rest of his life.

Unfortunately, Peter will no longer qualify for the age pension!

Robert and Anna were running a very successful business in Sydney. They owned a commercial property which they operated their business from but were running out of space due to business expansion and needed larger premises to operate their business.

This commercial property was held in a location that an Equiti Property consultant assessed as having a very strong chance of rezoning to residential which could potentially increase the value and create a large capital gain in the future.

Robert and Anna met with an Equiti adviser who established a special structure by which they could transfer their commercial property into their Self Managed Super Fund without creating a capital gains tax event and without the implication of stamp duty. This effectively placed the commercial property in the tax friendly environment of superannuation and eliminated any future capital gains tax which may occur from any increases in value.

Whilst unknown at this point, this simple well structured and properly executed transaction would potentially savings tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of dollars in tax payments. With the proceeds they received ‘personally’ they were also able to purchase larger business premises from which they could operate their business from. Of course, it was time to update their insurances to ensure their family and business remains protected along with updating their Will’s.

A great result for some great clients.

Greg and Donna are a young couple just starting to build their wealth. They run a small company which they started and it’s now starting to produce an income of around $80,000 per year. After paying their bills, they had surplus income which they wanted to contribute towards an investment strategy. They did not have any equity in their home and therefore did not believe that they would be able to do anything.

Their Equiti adviser showed them how to gain access to an investment in shares which provided 100% of the funds through a loan secured only by the shares themselves.

This structure required no deposit or security from the client and also offered a capital protection guarantee. This suited Greg and Donna’s risk profile and they were pleased that they could acquire more quality assets as they grew their business. Their adviser expressed the importance of superannuation as a long term strategy and helped them set up a super fund within their business for them and their staff.

Greg and Donna are now in a structure that they can have complete control over their super and are building a quality share portfolio. The next stage in their financial plan may well be to sell some of the share portfolio and use the proceeds to pay off a large portion of their mortgage thus placing them years ahead financially and so much closer to their goal of financial freedom.

Kim was working hard, building for his retirement when, unfortunately, Kim lost his job. He was contemplating having to sell his investment property and some other retirement assets as he had no other income or insurances and simply could not maintain the cost of keeping them.

This would be an unfortunate result for Kim as losing these investment assets would have resulted in a large setback to his retirement goals and it would most likely not be too long before he was gainfully employed again.

After creating a plan with his Equiti adviser, Kim was able to set up a Transition To Retirement (TTR) pension using his superannuation which would permit him to draw down an income and cover the cost of his assets until he was back at work. Kim is now working again and is happy that he was able to keep all his assets and that his retirement plans remained in place.

This simple meeting with an Equiti adviser meant he could continue building for his retirement and achieve an outcome that he never previously thought possible.