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Building Your Wealth

“Money makes money, and the money
money makes, makes more money”

– Benjamin Franklin

Wealth: an abundance of valuable material possessions.

Wealthy: being able to live to the level of your dreams if you were to stop working!

Whether you are thinking of investing for the first time or adding to your current portfolio, there are many ways to build your wealth and make your money work harder for you. Equiti advisers can provide a wide range of services that will help clients make decisions based upon sound investment and wealth management principles.

Whilst income, capital growth and security are certainly three characteristics of an investment that clients expect, our criterion does not just stop there. Equiti private wealth management provides the fundamental building blocks necessary for the achievement of your financial objectives and provides a disciplined approach to investing.

In order to provide guidance to its investor clients, Equiti has developed the 10 Disciplines of Investing and recommends adherence to these principles throughout the client’s wealth building phase.

These disciplines are:

    1. Develop a suitable investment strategy that will guide your investment decisions. Your Equiti adviser can assist you to develop and review a tailored investment plan that takes into consideration your objectives, your personal situation as well as your tolerance for risk.
    2. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Diversification of your investment assets is one of the fundamental keys to a good long-term wealth building strategy. Your Equiti adviser will determine the most appropriate asset allocation based on your investment objectives and your tolerance for risk. This may include a diversified portfolio of Australian shares, Australian property, International shares as well as an investment in cash.
    3. Always consider the taxation implications of your investment. By taking a holistic approach to wealth management, your Equiti adviser ensures that your ability to build wealth is not handicapped before you’ve even begun.
    4. Don’t ignore the prospect of building wealth through Superannuation. By our definition, being wealthy means being able to live to the level of your dreams if you were to stop working. For most Australians, this is when they are retired and over the age of 60. Superannuation offers the benefits of asset protection and tax efficiency and means that it is possible to accumulate wealth faster in a superannuation environment than it would be by investing in identical assets outside of superannuation.
    5. Consider leveraged or geared investment strategies to increase investment exposure but only do so in conjunction with an appropriate risk management strategy. Whilst gearing can increase your investment returns, you must be aware that it can also increase your losses. Gear conservatively.
    6. Understand and utilise the power of compounding. Compounding refers to the ability of earning money on your money and has the potential to expedite your ability to build wealth. The two factors that make for effective compounding are time and capital growth, so the sooner you begin, the greater the benefits of compounding.
    7. Be an investor not a trader. Avoid the temptation of buying and selling assets as markets move up and down. Be disciplined, practice patience and stick to the long-term investment strategy set out by your adviser. Numerous studies have shown that a disciplined long-term investor that rides the peaks and troughs of the market will often outperform those that try to ‘time the market’. Your Equiti adviser’s biggest challenge is eliminating emotions and managing clients’ behavioural changes.
    8. Read and understand the information provided to you by your adviser. Our commitment to your education is designed to help you appreciate the fundamentals, risks and rewards of making a sound investment decision. Your Equiti adviser is available to answer any questions that you may have.
    9. Be realistic with your investment expectations. An investment which promises to provide a rate of return that is significantly higher than what the general market offers often compromises the security of the capital involved.
    10. Avoid listening to investment advice and tips from anyone other than a financial adviser who understands your investment objectives, needs and financial situation. Make an investment decision only after consulting your adviser who understands your needs and requirements and make sure that they are represented by a reputable firm licensed by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).

Although none of these ‘disciplines’ work all of the time and there certainly are no ‘guarantees’ in the world of investments, if you follow these 10 Disciplines of Investing, your ability to build wealth should experience a higher probability of success.

Having thousands of investment options from which to choose can create chaos, confusionand concern.

A disciplined approach to investing will cut through the clutter to create clarity, confidenceand certainty.

An intelligent way to invest.