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Advisory Process

Since Equiti advisers adopt a best practice approach to wealth management, we strictly adhere to a highly developed and systematic approach to our financial advisory services.

This structured approach ensures that an Equiti adviser works closely with their client through each step of the process. It ensures that the adviser develops a complete understanding of a client’s personal objectives, needs and financial situation. And it ensures that the adviser, with the support of the Equiti Advisory Committee, prepares a tailored wealth management solution that is most suitable to each client’s specific needs.

Our 5 step financial advisory process promotes an environment whereby decisions are made collaboratively through communication, interaction and teamwork.

Our 5 step financial advisory process is:

1. Understand
Your initial meeting is designed to provide you with an opportunity to meet your Equiti adviser and to permit the adviser to use a variety of financial tools that will enable them to obtain a complete and thorough understanding of:

i. your personal goals and objectives,

ii. your fears and concerns,

iii. your current financial situation,

iv. your investment experience, and

v. your tolerance for risk.

This process will assist you to identify your goals and dreams and what they really mean to you from a financial perspective. And if you are like most people, it will help you to identify the gap that exists between where you are right now and where it is you would like to be.

We will also use this time to inform you of our wealth management solutions and how they may be able to assist you in the realisation of those goals and dreams.

A universal understanding of the wealth management process. That is always the first step.

2. Design
Your Equiti adviser then reviews the information that you have shared with a team of qualified experts known as the Equiti Advisory Committee. Together, they begin the lengthy process of researching, analysing and comparing a number of alternative investment options that are most appropriate to you and to the attainment of your objectives.

It is at this point that the design of your tailored financial plan begins to come together.

Once your adviser is satisfied that the solutions properly meet your objectives, the advice and recommendations are presented to you in a written financial plan known as a Statement of Advice.

The Statement of Advice is a comprehensive document that contains our advice and recommendations, the basis on which the advice has been given, information relating to fees and costs as well as any other factors that may have influenced the provision of the advice.

Due to the complete and comprehensive nature of tailored financial planning solutions, the design step will normally take between 10 to 21 days to properly complete.

3. Educate
Whilst many advisers simply implement plans on behalf of their clients, an Equiti adviser is committed to educating and encouraging their clients to be involved in their own investment strategy decisions.

With a strong focus on education, our clients feel more confident towards their wealth management strategies and are able to make educated and informed decisions as they specifically relate to them.

Our aim is to offer knowledgeable, trustworthy financial and investment strategies, based on a high level of interaction with our clients. We believe that building a close relationship with our clients is essential in securing their financial future.

That is why the next step in the financial advisory process involves your Equiti adviser thoroughly explaining the Statement of Advice to you and ensuring that you understand the recommendations that have been made along with the reasons why they have been made.

4. Implement
Once you are completely satisfied with and understand the recommendations that have been made, your adviser, along with their administrative support team, will attend to the complete implementation of your plan on your behalf.

The Equiti administrative team is purposely skilled in assisting the financial advisers with the implementation of each financial plan and our state-of-the-art computer systems are designed to efficiently handle all administrative tasks in relation to the placement and monitoring of various investments.

Our highly developed and systematic approach to wealth management all goes towards building a long-term and trustworthy relationship with our clients.

5. Review
A financial plan is a dynamic organism; as your circumstances change, so too must your financial plan.

Successful investors know that the best way to ensure they achieve their goals and objectives is to regularly review and fine tune their investment strategy. Not having your investments regularly reviewed can cost you in poor performance, unnecessary taxation and missed opportunity costs.

Our strategic approach to regular and scheduled reviews ensures that your financial plan remains in place even when everything else changes – financial markets, government legislation and your financial situation. Ongoing management and scheduled reviews help you to stay on-track and to reach your financial goals.

A key to this step is your involvement in the process and communication of any significant changes in your life. That’s why your Equiti adviser will provide a scheduled review program as a standard option for all clients.

It’s all part of receiving the Equiti Private Wealth service.

Tailored wealth management solutions. It’s about:

  • helping you identify exactly what you want from life and what makes you happy
  • helping you achieve balance between financial goals and lifestyle goals
  • creating a financial plan that’ll enable you to Enjoy Today whilst keeping you committed to its implementation so you can Secure Tomorrow.