Bringing Private Wealth Management to All Australians
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About Us

At Equiti, our mission is to help you achieve your financial goals and dreams through effective wealth management.

When Equiti first began providing private wealth management services to everyday Australians, it did not want to follow the path of simply ‘selling’ investments. Instead, the firm stressed the importance of understanding the needs and concerns of individual clients and on designing tailored wealth management solutions that would help a client achieve their goals and dreams.

Today, Equiti advisers continue to embrace this philosophy.

With a philosophy centred on client relationships, an Equiti adviser helps you to make educated and informed decisions about your money and assists you to develop a strategic approach to managing and growing it.

That’s why our structured wealth management solutions are designed to determine the highest and best use of your financial resources so that a tailored financial plan may be created specifically for you.

Bringing private wealth management to all Australians.